Why I Do What I Do

I didn’t know I liked to write. I didn’t know other people who aren’t Cinda found me even remotely amusing. I didn’t know that my opinions were intriguing enough for people to read about them AND ask me for more. I found it out quite recently and I’m still in the throes of blog passion. I’m of the filterless variety and tend to write exactly what I think, how I feel, and what I believe…straight with absolutely no chaser. If you’ve ever been offended by my words, my suggestion is that you bend over, collect your feelings from your feet, and put them somewhere safe because I am 99% sure someone (perhaps me) is going to step on them again. If your limited experiences with people unlike yourself force you to become incensed and hostile when you’re offended, maybe the internet just isn’t for you, and my blog for damn sure isn’t. I don’t apologize for my views, I don’t care if you’re upset, I’m not running for political office so I don’t give two shits about being appropriate. I got a check in “Exercises self-control” on my report card every single quarter from 1st-8th grade – ain’t nothing changed.

Cinda’s (Super)mommy

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