An Open Letter to Chicago Bears “Fans”

Dear Bears Fans (and I use that term loosely),

As of December 21, 2009, my Chicago Bears are 5-9 for the season after a very disappointing loss to the Ravens yesterday.  This has been a very difficult season for us all: injuries, adjusting to a new quarterback, losing the Olympic bid, etc.  What has disturbed me the most is the turncoat nature of Chicago’s fair-weather fans.  I refuse to network socially during games because of the insults and trash talk being hurled at my team.  Posts such as Bears suck and Boo Cutler resonate across my Blackberry, and frankly, it’s this type of behavior that divides us.  One City, One Team.  What the hell is wrong with you people?  Many of the comment posters are either fat, lazy, or women – people who have never played a day of football in their entire lives.  Could you throw a 40-yard pass with 4 blitzing 300 lb men running at you full speed?  Methinks not!

When will I let it go?  Never!!  I won’t let it go because a REAL fan NEVER let’s go!  If your child failed a math test, would you tell them to let go of algebra, call them stupid and stop loving them?  I think not.  This season is a test of true devotion and frankly, many of you have failed the test.  I’m taking names of all you naysayers and next season, on Superbowl Sunday, I’m having a party, inviting you, and making you drink the cheap stuff, hiding your car keys, and making you stand outside in the cold.  That is all for now.



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