Red, White and Pink?

I don’t usually blog about what’s going on in the news. I like to stick to things that effect me personally and Blue Ivy, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber don’t impact my day to day operations. Today, when I found out that the Susan G Komen Foundation, an organization that once stood courageously in the fight for women’s health issues, had succumbed to the bullying of right wing idiots who believe that what a woman does with her body should be decided by legislation, my heart sank. Planned Parenthood grant recipients received phone calls from Komen informing them that they would no longer be providing funds because of the abortions the clinics provide to women across America. Funding used by the clinics to provide breast cancer screening, Paps smears that detect cervical cancer, and birth control to women who choose to practice safe sex and not need abortion service would be terminated and annual grants would no longer be issued by one women’s health organization to another, all at the behest of a male-centered government.

I am by no means a feminist, nor do I advocate abortion, premarital or teenage sex, or risky sexual behavior. What I do support is a woman’s right to choose what is best for own body, family, and future. Planned Parenthood provides more than just abortion services. They offer a shoulder to cry on (I know from personal experience), services to women without health insurance (I know from personal experience), and education when ignorance about reproductive health runs rampant (I know from personal experience). With locations in impoverished communities and a sliding scale, Planned Parenthood provides access to services women may not receive adequate care and it pains me that the Komen Foundation refused to stand up for the women they claim to support. By backing down from the fight for women, they’ve shown cowardice and are not worthy of my support, nor should they be supported in the grand scale that changes city lights to pink, NFL players’ gear to a girly shame, and city streets to accommodate walkers for three days. How can the public support a breast cancer awareness organization which will allow close-minded politicians to force them to withdraw support from an organization that provides breast-screening services. Shame on you, SGK Foundation. This October, I won’t be wearing pink.


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