99 Problems – The Final Chapter

The Final 19

81. I’m going to the Bears vs. Lions game in Detroit with all of my cousins and their significant others. I’m the only one without a significant other.

82. I just spent $11 on a $2 stuffed animal at Great America.

83. I feel bad about fussing about my landlords because they’re sending me a check for my damaged property.

84. Sometimes, guys pretend to only want a platonic friendship from me when they really want more then act like a pussy because they know I like that damn boy I like….oh wait, is that a problem about a bitch? Do over!!

84. I want another kid, except by the time I find a boyfriend, get married, and settle down, I’m afraid my body won’t bounce back.

85. My mother-un-law just called me to “help pay for Cinda’s dental work” a little more than 24 hours after I already paid for it.

86. My employer-funded life insurances lapses on the 31st.

87. I don’t have enough room on my ipod to sync all of the music I have in itunes.

88. Pretty soon, I’m not going to be able to get my hair done weekly.

89. My social calendar doesn’t necessarily align with being a parent.

90. Hurricane Irene is trying to put a damper on my Miami trip next week. *get it?*

91. I own plenty of dresses to wear to fancy places…I have no fancy places in which my fancy dresses can be worn.

92. My hairdresser only works Wednesday – Saturday.

93. One of my upstairs neighbor always takes my wet clothes out of the washer and puts them ON TOP of the dryer.

94. If I forget to bring my dryer sheets back into my apartment, they won’t be there when I go back out to get them.

95. I’m out of sour cream.

96. I only own two wine glasses. They don’t match.

97. I need to convince my old university that those two Fs I got were due to stress. (They were)

98. I never got to see Amy Winehouse perform live.


99. I actually sat down and wrote a post about 99 of my problems. I really DO have a problem.

As you can see, my life is far from perfect and far from horrendous as well. Truthfully, this wasn’t as meaningless as it appears at first glance. By typing out a few of my problems, I also came up with a few solutions. Listing my issues was pretty cathartic, publishing them was just me believing you all care enough to read about them.

That is all.


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