99 Problems – Part 4

20 more for you….

61. I’d really like some sour watermelons right about now but a good parent doesn’t eat candy in front of her kid who can’t eat candy.

62. I need some new running shoes.

63. It’s probably gonna rain when I’m in Miami next week.

64. I don’t get nearly as much sex as I need.
65. I can’t figure out what the hell these ants in my bedroom could possibly want.

66. McDonald’s taste soo good but they’re soo coonly bad…but those damn fries….

67. Cinda is always either too short or too chicken to ride any rides…which means I don’t get to ride.

68. Tomorrow, at Great America, I’m gonna order funnel cake. I foresee three other people eating all of my damn funnel cake.

69. No matter how little sleep I get one night, the next night, I still won’t be able to sleep any more than 6 hours.

70. I scratched the bejeezus out of the roof of my mouth eating stale ass barbecue potato chips.

71. I’ve been making cosmopolitans for years and it NEVER occurred to me to use white cranberry juice UNTIL TWO WEEKS AGO!

72. Being unemployed is going to seriously put a damper on my Chipotle addiction.

73. No matter how many times I turn off my kitchen light, my mother and/or child will need something from the refrigerator and will fail to turn the light back off.

74. I only have one of about 10 pairs of earrings.

75. The only book I own that I haven’t finish was ruined in the Great Garden Apartment Flood of 2011.

76. I need to move the TV in my living room into Cinda’s room. It weighs about 200lbs. It might be easier to buy a new TV.

77. I can’t find my dishwashing sponge thing and because I know I own one, I refuse to buy another. Meanwhile, my dishes are getting angry.

78. I STILL can’t find the shirt I wore for my birthday.

79. I haven’t had Uncle Remus in way too long.

80. I never get to listen to bad word music anymore.

That is all.


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