You’re Aiming Too High

I am an attractive woman.  Before you groan about my pretty girl rock, there is a point to my declaration.  I am in possession of physical attributes that make me aesthetically appealing to the average male.  It’s the way God made me, I had very little to do with it.  There are a great deal of attractive women on this planet and for some reason, some men are under the impression that because they find a woman attractive, they are entitled to a chance at dating said woman, even if they, themselves, look like ET.  I’m not even talking about the six figga nigga…Jigga, I mean the everyday dude hanging on the corner who yells out “Well fuck you then!” when met with an “I’m not interested.”  For some strange reason, my standards are too high when I decide that I don’t wanna date a  400lb man, yet HIS standards aren’t too high when he decided it was okay to approach me.  Call me shallow, but I think I have the right to date men who fit a certain physical criteria and not date men I don’t find physically attractive.  Sorry, I’m just not attracted to unattractive men, no matter how nice they are and while we can be friends, we can’t be lovers.  How do I know he’s not perfect for me?  The same reason he didn’t approach the 400lb woman sitting to the left of me.  I’m not picky…fuck that.  I AM picky and I have a right to be.  I’m not single because I’m turning down all these wonderful men with one tiny flaw.  Men have tons of fickle ass reasons why they won’t approach a woman: I like long hair, I like big titties, I like big booties, her toenails are too long.  But let a woman say she won’t fuck with a dude with ashy knuckles, and then we have to defend why we just won’t buy the brother some lotion.  Fuck the fuck off.  I’m not teaching no grown ass man how to moisturize.  Sure, I’ll relax my standards, but if he’s a 4 in looks, he better for damn sure be a 12 in personality and body because I date 8s.  Solid fucking 8s.  That’s what I want and if I miss out on a wonderful man because he’s ugly, I guess that’s my loss but it’s for damn sure my prerogative.  If men can choose to approach me because of my looks, I can choose to shoot them down because of theirs.  Go ahead and find a woman that will look past your ugly ducklingness.  If you’re not a swan by now, then there’s no hope for you, at least not with me.  That is all.


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  1. DMario Isajurk
    May 15, 2011 @ 07:24:25

    YES. and the fact that made a distinct clarification that he has to make up for it in other areas is KEY!

    *slow hand clap*


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