Cruising Altitude

Last February, I flew to Miami for the weekend. It was a typical Chicago winter day, gray skies and frigid temperatures. I couldn’t wait to board the plane and get to my warmer, less dreary destination. I made myself comfortable in my window seat and prepared for take off. As the Airbus climbed into the sky, I noticed something that I’d never paid much attention to before: above the gloomy, somber clouds, the sun was shining brightly. The bleakness on the ground was non-existent once we had reached our cruising altitude. I warmed my face in the luminous glow of the sun that had been missing down below. I hadn’t even made it to Florida yet, and already the winter doldrums were being erased by the mere appearance of the sun, it’s radiance forcing me to put on my sunglasses…I refused to pull down the shade, lest I miss a moment of sunlight. And then, something hit me: The sun is always shining above the clouds. I hadn’t discovered anything amazing. This wasn’t a recently discovered phenomenon. The sun is always there. I get down sometimes, but not for long because as soon as the clouds come out, I realize they’re only covering up my sunshine for a moment. My sunshine is still there. It’s always there.


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  2. Donna Helton-Taylor
    Nov 13, 2010 @ 18:23:49

    Jen thanks for sharing such a wonderful revelation and reminding us to not sweat the small stuff!


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