Common Sense: The 6th Sense

So you think you have haters, right? That broad at the club had on the same dress as you. She’s a HATER!!!! Your boy wouldn’t let you get in on the drank without putting in on it. He’s a HATER!!!! Your parents are making you get a job and pay rent and they won’t give you any more money to buy Air Force Ones and matching sparkly T-Shirts. They some HATERS!!!! No they’re not!!! You’re just a douche bag. Common said it best, “If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. That don’t mean that I’m hating.” Some people really believe they have haters because they do or say dumb shit that other people dislike or disapprove of. I’m not a hater because I don’t like Nikki Minaj, I just don’t believe that reciting the names of Santa’s reindeer counts as true lyricism. I’ve been hated on before and you probably have, too. I’ll show you some true hatred and then maybe you’ll stop believing that you have haters because everyone laughs at you for still saying strimps instead of shrimp.

I was a fat ass pregnant woman. I’m 5’3″ and had gained 50lbs by the time I gave birth to a 9lb 6oz baby. While I was a fatty…and during the subsequent months after I had Cinda…my principal and assistant principal loved me. I could do no wrong. When I returned from summer break back to my regular 115lbs, the trouble began. No one could wear jeans to work because mine were too tight (they weren’t). I was called incompetent and was written up for being insubordinate (an informal letter of lies was written and given to me in a meeting without union representation). The male staff members who brought me lunch were given duties during the free time they had to leave the building. The final straw was when during our Christmas party, my principal said “Dag girl, how much weight you gone lose?!” I knew those bitches didn’t like me, but I never thought that it was because I’d lost weight and they were, well, pleasantly plump. I vowed never to work for middle aged women again and got the hell out of that school. Those broads were gone within two years.

I eventually ended up at a charter school. My mother warned me about working for women, but I thought this one was okay. She was young and seemed to be the non-hater type. I was wrong. She had a beard, was rather plump, and once a month, she had a difficult time managing her menstrual flow. Because I was already a bit paranoid about women bosses, I stayed out of her way and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for my meddling assistant, an older white woman who contradicted and tattled EVERYTHING that I did. She told my principal I spent my lunch time online shopping (I was on facebook) and that I threw away student assignments (fucking coloring sheets with no names on it from when I was out sick). I didn’t want to kill a bitch so I put in my two week notice and got the hell out of there.

This is when the hatred began. My last paycheck wasn’t in my account on payday. I tried to call the head office but we were on Christmas vacation. My principal wouldn’t answer her phone. I was sick. I hadn’t finished holiday shopping and I had no money! I spent the entire break broke. My friends and family helped me out but I wanted my damn money. The day we returned from break, I received a phone call from payroll saying that my former principal asked that she be sent my final paycheck a week before we went on break and I never picked it up. When I made it to the school, that bitch told me she emailed me the Thursday before we left to tell me my check was in her office. She had my email privileges revoked before I made it to school that Friday. THAT bitch was a hater.

Women aren’t the only haters out there. Men are some haters, too. This guy told my ex-boyfriend that he heard that all he had to do was get me a drunk and I’d do whatever he wanted (I was a VIRGIN-a true virgin, not one of those everything except that virgins). Another guy told all of his friends that we’d had sex (we did). His reason: they asked (big mouth bastard). One hating ass piece of crap saw me talking to a guy at a party, waited until I went to the bathroom, then told him I had three kids. When I returned, the guy told me what happened. I looked for the hater all night and couldn’t find his bitch made ass. I guess he dipped out. Men hate on women, too.

Apparently my perpetual happiness causes insecure women around me to become unreasonably envious for no good reason. Men fall victim to reacting negatively to jealousy as well. Haters are people who do whatever they can to rob you of your happiness, acting out of envy instead of positivity. My former principals weren’t concerned about me being a better teacher. They used their power to hurt me and what’s sad is that they should have been using their role as school leader to help me help the children. The next time you think you have a hater because they don’t like your shoes, there might be someone out there actually trying to cause you harm. You’re just too busy paying attention to shit that doesn’t really qualify as hating.


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