I Don’t Agree, But I Understand

A few mornings ago, I was awakened by the news of a 12 year old boy who had been shot in the arm by a 68 year old woman. Apparently, she had grown sick and tired of being harassed by a child whose voice probably still cracks when he tries to say three syllable words. While in no way, shape or form do I condone violence, especially gun violence, what was she to do when the police nor the bad ass boy’s mama had done zero to keep her from being assaulted by the future felon? Yeah, I know, I’m a teacher and I should believe that all kids are good, right? WRONG!!!!! Crazy, felonious behavior begins at an early age because most children lack the impulse control that stops them from doing whatever they want (See Lord of the Flies – the book, not the movies). Children need guidance from the adults in their lives and if they’ve been taught not to respect authority, don’t expect that guidance to come from school. Other children, however, need help-sometimes serious psychological help. I teach first grade and Bad Ass Kid Syndrome starts even earlier than that, especially when parents are in denial about their BAK. Here are some of my worst cases:

Ketchup Boy I began my teaching career as a middle school teacher, then Dubya and his NCLB bullshit mandated that I pay NLU another $3000 for two classes to prove I can do what I’d already been doing so I said eff it and accepted a position teaching kindergarten. It was there that I encountered Ketchup Boy. KB (not his real name) was bad as shit! I made him eat alone because he would open his ketchup packets by pounding on them, pour it in his milk, drink it and spit it on the lunch trays of other kids. He told a little girl to “suck his pee-wee” and he constantly pulled chairs from underneath other kids so they would fall when they tried to sit down. So I told KB’s mother and asked if he displayed these types of behaviors at home. She went off on me, told my principal “wasn’t no little young yellow bitch gone tell her how to raise her kid” and forced my principal to have a meeting with me, a parent advocate, and members of the Area Office. Of course, there was no wrong doing on my part yet, she continued to refuse services for her son who had escalated to “allegedly” exposing his pee-wee. I continued to teach him the best I could and patiently waited for June.

Epilogue: I ran into a member of his family who was also anti-yellow bitch and was informed that KB was still a holy terror, just older and bigger and completely out of control. They’re considering boot camp.

I’m Gone Jump Down These Stairs Another case of parental denial involved the aunt of a student who was crazy. No really, he suffered from some undiagnosed malady of the brain and soul. In kindergarten, IGJDTS made numerous suicide threats which were claimed to have come from a TV show he had watched (all KINDS of wrongness about that but that’s not the point) although his reasons were because he was bad and nobody liked him. When he arrived in my classroom as a first grader, I kept an eye out for abnormal behaviors such as refusing to come in the classroom and standing outside the door kicking and screaming and yelling “I’ll kill that bitch!” One day,while I was holding his wrist (I don’t hold hands) he informed me that he was going to jump from the top of a 10-15 step flight of stairs. I looked at him and before I could open my mouth, he leaped from the landing. Fortunately, I have feline-like reflexes and I had already let go of his hand before he jumped. I sent a kid to get security while I checked on IGJDTS who had amazingly landed on his feet. I informed our school case manager who called the aunt, his legal guardian because his mother was hospitalized for schizophrenia [yet there couldn’t possibly be anything mentally unstable about the kid]) and the aunt told us, “Oh he just likes to jump off things.” A meeting was called and because my assistant principal hated me, she not only did not invite me to the meeting, she made the decision to remove the little boy from my classroom without informing me or the other first grade teacher. The child behaved even worse because he thought I had gotten rid of him because he was bad and made Ms. Not Saying Her Name’s life a living hell.

Epilogue: I don’t know what happened to IGJDTS. I left the school, which eventually was shut down because the principal and AP were idiots who hated me mostly because I shed all 50 of those baby pounds in less than a year. Ms. NSHN, and about 20 other staff members left voluntarily before the school was eventually turned around.

Psychopath Kid The final child doesn’t have to listen to black people because they can’t tell PK what to do, terrorizes other children, and tried to strangle a student on the playground during a game of Tag for no reason other than “because I wanted to”. I am terrified of this child. I was speaking to a colleague about the kid and mentioned that I think PK is a sociopath. She looked at me straight in the eye and said “That’s what (former teacher) said about PK.” This child terrifies me. PK has no fear nor respect for authority, cares little about consequences, and I think PK can cry on command to appear normal. There is a stigma in certain communities about receiving psychological care and I’m afraid PK’s mom is one of those mothers who would rather their child be bad than have a psychological issue. Did I mention I’d run if I saw this kid in a dark alley…or a well lit public street?

Epilogue: The saga continues.

My only final words today are: Parents, take care of your kids or society will do it for you.


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  1. 1uppitynegress
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 07:43:54

    I know that we’re supposed to believe in humanity & not take the law into our own hands, however some of these children need a bullet in their left booty cheek or paddle upside their heads. Ever notice when watching the news the perpetrator’s mama gmama & cousins want to express how little Mike Mike or Man Man never did anything wrong, but there’s a record from the school or neighborhood contradicting everything Mama is saying? Yep. They’re holy terrors are a thorn in society’s side so why not shoot em. At least they’ll be out of circulation awhile.

    ~A Future Educator. With a Pistol.


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