It’s My Birthday!!!!

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 290px"I'm a Bad Mama Jama

I’m a Bad Mama Jama

Today is my birthday and for 31 years, I’ve been wreaking havoc on this planet. I’ve loved, hurt, cried, partied, sang, danced, fought, argued, ate, drank. I’ve experienced a life like no other and I’ve had wonderful people in my life to share these experiences with me. So on MY day, I’d like to take time to thank some very special people and share an unforgettable moment we had together. Don’t worry, I won’t use your name….

Special Person #1 – Life ain’t a party unless you’ve been caught TWICE in the same day with the same boys in the house. It’s even better when you’re abandoned downstairs alone while your friend hides out in the bathroom leaving you with two boys and your dad’s eyes bulging out of his skull. Yeah, my bad…

Life is also better with Jodeci…and not being able to talk on an entire trip home from Great America because we thought it would be a good idea to ride that ride that flips you over a few more times instead of meeting at the gate at 9 like my daddy said… Damn we were dumb. I still love you.

Special Person #2 – Where would I be without Senior Year Drama precipitated by a car accident? Who the hell knows, but IHOP in a blizzard with cute little freshmen was pretty entertaining. That whole not come home for 24 hours thing was the icing on the Snowball though…What can I say? It Was Written…Eagle Talon out.

Special Person #3 – What makes our dumb shit so dumb is that we were grown before we became friends. Drunken Cubs game (drunk from the night before when I was almost killed by a psychotic lesbian), getting punked by Ving Rhames after a day of trespassing in the pool at the Ritz-Carlton, drunken Bears game, drunken night BEFORE the Bears game…I’m too old for the shit we got into together and so are you. Wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Special Person #4 – How can I begin…everything we do is dumb. Our conversations are dumb…you laugh at everything I say. We go out and do dumb shit…Get Me Bodied with the kids in South Beach. I think when we’re together, we’re still 14 year old clarinetists hiding in the vault from Rayburn. I’m not sure we’ll ever grow up.

If I didn’t include you then that doesn’t mean we don’t do dumb shit together, I’m just too lazy to keep thinking of stuff to write. My birthday makes me feel like the Queen of the World and I felt like blogging about nothing because it’s my BIRTHDAY, BITCHES!!!!!


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  1. klkenned
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 11:09:17

    they were sophomores… im just saying. get your facts straight.


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